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David Boles: Human Meme

Welcome to the David Boles: Human Meme podcast! You may subscribe via Apple iTunes, Google Play Music, iHeartRadio, Stitcher, TuneIn, Pocket Casts, Spotify and RSS or your own podcast player. We explore ideas of knowing, merits of sharing, and the danger of thought -- as one listener wrote about this podcast; "Mindfulness with an edge" and another said, "You have the spirit of philosophy; you inspire dialectic thoughts." David Boles lives at, writes for, and publishes with David Boles' memetic conundrum considers the braided prairie pause against the sinking sky: "I can't see what it is; and I don't know what it isn't."

Jul 29, 2016

How do we quantify and qualify our grief for the dead? Is personal mourning less valuable than the public grief expressed in social media and along the public square? Is a dead athlete more valuable to community function than a dying child? We examine how, and why, we mourn apart, and as a nation, together.

Jul 28, 2016

How do we create ideas that survive within others? That is the idea of an -- "Irrevocable Aesthetic" -- that propagates from person-to-person long after you are gone. There are ways of knowing that are universal in the evidence of memory and an in the expression of residual effluence. Everything flows! Join us in...

Jul 27, 2016

How we want what we cannot have is a temptation that deserves a knuckling down from a divine hand. What happens when divinity is lost, social policy becomes less aware and the laws of us fail to reorient our moral conundrum? How do we find our way out of childish things?

Jul 26, 2016

We discuss the technocrat bits of upgrading your podcast. But first, we share a brief history of the Yale School of Drama Mafia. Then, we're on to microphones, headphones, audio decoders, recording and editing software, podcast philosophy, hosting services, and other enhanced details of the evolution of this series.

Jul 22, 2016

Education in America is unequal. There are barriers to learning that must be breached. How do we equally teach every mind that is ripe to learn? Can we economically survive as a nation when elite education is too expensive to afford? To know, we must fight together!