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David Boles: Human Meme

Welcome to the David Boles: Human Meme podcast! You may subscribe via Apple iTunes, Google Play Music, iHeartRadio, Stitcher, TuneIn, Pocket Casts, Spotify and RSS or your own podcast player. We explore ideas of knowing, merits of sharing, and the danger of thought -- as one listener wrote about this podcast; "Mindfulness with an edge" and another said, "You have the spirit of philosophy; you inspire dialectic thoughts." David Boles lives at, writes for, and publishes with David Boles' memetic conundrum considers the braided prairie pause against the sinking sky: "I can't see what it is; and I don't know what it isn't."

Mar 19, 2024

DARVO was first identified by Dr. Jennifer Freyd, a psychology professor at the University of Oregon, in the late 1990s. Dr. Freyd's work primarily focused on betrayal trauma, and it was in this context that she observed a recurring pattern among perpetrators of abuse and misconduct. This pattern, she noted, was not...

Dec 14, 2023

Let's begin with the term itself. Narcissism. A word that echoes through the corridors of history and mythology, finding its roots in the ancient Greek myth of Narcissus. Who was Narcissus, you ask? He was a young man of extraordinary beauty, so enamored with his own reflection in a pool of water that he lost the will...